With their Non mi avete fatto niente (You’ve done nothing to me) – the winning song of the last Sanremo FestivalFabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta will give voice in Lisbon to all European and World citizens by expressing their common feeling of not wanting to be intimidated by Terrorism and to give up on all that makes life worth living, such as freedom and lightheartdness.

So the Italian entry perfectly suits to Eurovision, not just because it deals with a topic that concerns all its cosmopolitan audience, but also because the ESC, in turn, summarizes the key themes of Meta and Moro’s song: living in peace and having a good and carefree life all together.

After all, it is no coincidence that Meta and Moro drew inspiration just from a big musical event, that is Ariana Grande’s pop concert in Manchester on 22 May 2017, during which, however, a suicide bombing spoiled the party killing 22 people, including children. The proud statement of Meta and Moro “You’ve done nothing to me” arises just from there, repeating itself continuously like a fear-dispelling mantra and meaning that we will keep on doing the same things as usual without being scared. But also without giving in to the temptation to justify an equally violent response: at the end of each refrain they sing “Tutto va oltre le vostre inutili guerre” (Everything goes beyond your useless wars), thus condemning any form of violence, whatever its cultural or ethnic origin is. Moreover: “Ma contro ogni terrore che ostacola il cammino, il mondo si rialza col sorriso di un bambino” (But against every terror that obstructs the way, the world stands up again with the smile of a child) – so they speak about the whole world, not just Europe or the West.

Meta and Moro want their song not to be a further breeding ground of war between the East and the West, and even though their work is inspired by one of the most deadly Islamic attack in Europe and expressly contains some references to the last Islamic crimes – Cairo, Barcelona, Paris, London and Nice – its main message applies not just to terrorists, but also to nations at war and to anyone thinking that violence justifies violence in return (“non esiste una bomba pacifista” – “a pacifist bomb doesn’t exist”).

Non mi avete fatto niente is thus a call for non-violence and non-belligerency, fitting perfectly with Eurovision spirit.

A review by Brunella Paciulli: Proofreader, translator (de-it / en-it), amateur writer and photographer. Very interested in foreign cultures and languages.